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Storymate Review is a new software that helps you easily create professional looking, eye-catching stories for Instagram and Facebook. Put your stories together on your desktop or laptop using a ton of done-for-you templates that even have theme music to choose from. With the click of a button, you can send your stories to IG and FB and save the time, energy, and investment you might otherwise make having a professional designer help you.

When it comes to IG and FB, all eyes are on Stories! Story posting is Growing 15X Faster than News Feed posting. Facebook & Instagram users no longer only update via a news feed status. Stories are taking over, appearing at the TOP of your news fed on both Facebook and Instagram.

So, why should you care? This is what works RIGHT NOW and there is a huge opportunity for early adopters who are using Stories. 300 million of Instagram’s total 500 million users use Stories daily 10% of Facebook users use Stories. Stories are growing FAST!

Need another good reason why Storymate Review is a sure thing? Storymate is next in a long line of hugely successful and sought-after products from Luke Maguire. Known for his Aussie Accent, extreme sales videos, and #1 selling social media softwares of all time that have allowed not only him, but many of his students to create multiple 6 & 7 figure incomes. Luke’s track record and history of quality products are a solid reason to check out THIS product.

How do you profit from selling your online marketing services to local business? Small local businesses can be quite conservative and they not alway interested in blazing the trail. However they often like to follow in the footsteps of the big brands and do what they are doing.

You need to be able to offer something that fits that bill and at the same time looks difficult and expensive enough that they would never attempt it themselves and something you can charge a premium for. Of course that something has to be relatively easy for you to do, so you don’t waste your time and can uphold a good margin.

The newly released Storymate Review from Luke Maguire is the perfect solution for you and if you are doing local marketing (or thinking about it), this needs to be a part of your toolkit for 2019!

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