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Viral Image Sharer Review Increase in Social Signals - Improve SEO Rankings. More engagement and higher social signals will skyrocket your search engine ranking, completely on auto-pilot. Generate Viral Traffic On Demand. Shares lead to more shares. Likes lead to more likes. Simply put, your content will bring a traffic torrent to your website. Viral Image Sharer Review Get More Shares, Get More Likes. Watch your audience share, like, tweet your content on a level you haven't seen before. And grow your market share quickly. Stand Out On All Major Social Media. Your posts will stand-out above the rest on crowded social media timelines and Instantly get liked and shared. Viral Image Sharer Review Save Money on Expensive Ads - Get Free Exposure. Why pay for the traffic when you can get it for Free? You will be able to reach these hidden audiences without spending a lot of money on advertising to reach just a fraction of it. Viral Image Sharer Turn Shares Into Rabid Fans and Customers. Command attention with our ‘post-share” technology, turning visitors into followers and customers. You can configure it with any call to action you want, such as ‘Hey, thanks for sharing, now ‘like’ my page/follow me to get regular updates’ or ‘Have you seen xxxx? Click here to visit this link” et cetera. You can turn visitors into followers, build your list, offer your product/service or promote as an affiliate, send them to watch your video the possibilities are endless. How is Viral Image Sharer Review different than other social sharing plugins? Other social sharing plugins only allow your audience to share your blog post. On the other hand, Viral Image Sharer makes every image on your blog shareable and you get full control over what images you’ll allow to be shared. Not only that, you can decide the exact title and description for each image that would appear on their timeline. How cool is that?

What are the technical requirements? You need a self hosted WordPress v4.6 or above, Min. php version 5.6 and Ioncube Loader. That's it. Simple. Is this plugin secure? Absolutely! We do not collect any private information from your blog. You are only required to enter the domain name in your members area to generate a license key which will be used to get the plugin validated from our server that's it.

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