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Textly Review massive bonus and discount

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What is it: Textly is a software that allows you to send unlimited messages to your subscribers with zero monthly fees. Textly is the easiest way to instantly send 10 or 100,000 SMS Mobile Text Messages. SMS Marketing has never been easier! The other day Brett was outside cutting his grass and he got a text message on his phone. So what did he do? Well he was hungry, and it was a good deal, so he ordered a pizza. Then, he realized probably not the only person that got that message. Most likely hundreds or even thousands of customers who had given their phone number also got the same text. And the restaurant was able to let all their customers know at the same time about their special which would result in a ton of sales for them. It was in that moment he realized how powerful a marketing tool that is.

Why? What’s the one thing that everyone always has with them? That’s right their phone! Unlike email, Facebook ads, or other ways of marketing, when you send people a text it instantly shows up on their phone. And it doesn’t even matter where they are. They could be in their living room, on a bus, in bed or even cutting the grass. WANT PROOF? If Textly Review works on a seasoned marketer like him just imagine how it will work on your subscribers! He started thinking about how he could use this in his own business. Of course he could see it being useful for LOCAL businesses but then the light bulbs started flashing in his head. If he could get his marketing messages into his customer’s phones whenever he wanted then it would be a game changer. not only for him, but it would be useful for literally any business who has customers so that means everyone! So he started looking around at what options were available to send mass text messages like this. And quite frankly there were a LOT of them already out there. But unfortunately there was a big problem! They were all super expensive. And on top of that they charged a monthly fee of abound $100 to $200 per month. And some of them even had a per text charge on top of the monthly fee! Well, he and mike created their own solution. It is Textly software.

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