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What is it: TubeLawyer is a collection of Lawyer Marketing Videos, and video marketing training in one easy to use and easy to sell service for marketing consultants. If you do marketing for local businesses, video needs to be a part of your services.  Video can drive traffic better than any other kind of content! 87% of consumers have said they watched a video online before making a buying decision. 70% of marketing professionals said that video converted better than other content. Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! 80% of consumers can recall a video ad they have seen in the previous month. Why Use Videos For Lawyers? Law firms can actually benefit from video more than most businesses.  Why?  Because lawyers have a couple of unique situations. People usually don't hire a lawyer until something happens (a car crash, they are arrested, etc.).  So being 'top of mind' is VITAL, so having videos can improve that mindshare. Most lawyers have a VERY high ROI.  An injury attorney could bring in 1 case that is worth millions.  On the lower-end, each client is still worth thousands. Unlike many businesses, lawyers are often used to using video as a marketing tool, and have likely done television ads for years.  They understand the value. Lawyers have the budgets to spend on marketing with videos. Introducing a new software help lawyers. It’s called TubeLawyer Review.

Included in the TubeLawyer: 12 Legal Marketing Videos, Training On Using The Videos, Training on Selling The Videos, The FB Mastermind Group, A Video Editor, Extra Video Tools (Music, etc.), Lawyer Marketing Graphics.

With the lifetime value of 1 new client being anywhere from $8000 - $1,000,000+, even if these videos brought in 1 client, it would be a HUGE value.  But they are not going to charge $1000.....When you act today, they are giving you this entire package for only $17! Get TubeLawyer Now.

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