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What is it: Green Screen Studio is a bundle of 140+ Full HD video backgrounds .mp4 & .png format - High quality DFY virtual studios for use with green screen videos. And that’s not all because you’re also getting the files with transparent windows so from those 140 backdrops you can create hundreds of new ones. You can place any video behind the windows to simulate a different environment. You’ve read the articles where people are saying that video marketing is the “next big thing”. That it lets you sell more products, bank more commissions and have new clients desperate to pay you money. And you know what, with stats like these who can argue with them?

Sales pages with videos convert up to 51% higher than text-only pages. Squeeze pages with video convert up to 85% higher than text-only pages. Using videos in email leads to 200-300% increase in click-trough rate. 76% of users would share a video with their friends if it was entertaining. But do you think it's the same old fiverr animation or screen capture videos that get results like these? If you want to get amazing results, your videos have got to be amazing. You don't just want to get your prospects attention, you want them to be amazed and to trust you. While other marketers are struggling more and more with their video campaigns, their promos are getting bigger conversions, ROI, and PROFITS than EVER before. With all sorts of video creation tools and so many marketers getting into video marketing, my conversions were significantly decreasing. So they researched, tested, experimented and they started using a new "marketing strategy" that just a few are talking about that gets more traffic, bigger conversions and much more PROFITS than any other video marketing product out there. All they do is Give Videos A More Professional And Interactive Feel With Green Screen. Introducing Green Screen Studio Review. With Green Screen Studios you get a collection of 67 unique backdrops that are very simple to use with your green screen footage.

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