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FASTSTART 9 Review huges...

FASTSTART 9 Review huges 2300$ bonuses

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Faststart 9 Review: Well, firstly, I am making this entire course available for a one time price (not a subscription fee as some vendors would). That means it is kept affordable for the people who need it the most. You get instant access to the whole of this no-nonsense, step by step training in 9 individual bite-sized modules - videos with pdf overviews and checklists - showing you how to accomplish the twin goals of making your first sales and laying solid foundations for the future, with all the crap boiled away. The whole course is designed to give you a fast start if you are a beginner or get you back on track if you are not. But that is not all. As I have mentioned, this course is focused on getting you going so you see your first dollars coming in and putting some foundations down… But what happens after that? Good question. To address this, I have made an extra bonus module that gives you a blueprint for developing your new business on the foundations you have made with this course. This module is ready for you when you have completed the course and put it into action. I could EASILY charge for this as a separate product but you get it as a free bonus with Faststart 9 Review. If you are ready…If you want to get this done…Just click the button below before the countdown timer hits zero and this special offer is finished. Upsell #1- Three DFY Affiliate Funnels: In the training, I show how to create funnel pages in Wordpress. That module is the longest and, for a new person, the bit that they may well find the most challenging. I have created three DFY affiliate funnels using the same tools as shown in the videos. These are in a Wordpress site the the buyer can clone onto a new, blank Wordpress installation. They will then just have to edit a few links, drop in their form code and they are good to go. Upsell #2- Three DFY Email Sequences: Complimenting the last upsell perfectly, these emails are designed to follow up on the new subscribers and re-sell the affiliate offers. Upsell #3- Installation Service: This is an offer to have the DFY site and the email sequences fully installed by my team (2 options)

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