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PAYMEMBER 2 Review huges 2300$ bonuses

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PayMember 2 Review is a great way for any website owner to MONETIZE their site. You see the problem is that the traditional ways of making money from your site, like banner ads, adsense and list building are really bad at actually making you an income! Only" 0.2% of visitors ever actually click a banner ad“. And let's suppose you are using Adsense.... that pays out $0.5 per click on average. So you basically need HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DAILY visitors to make any sort of income. BUT WHO HAS THAT AMOUNT OF VISITORS? Not me.... So we thought there had to be a better way. How could you acually start making some money from your site WITHOUT NEEDING SO MUCH TRAFFIC?! We did some research and found out that many top websites like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, had discovered the same thing... That JUST running advertising does NOT lead to profits. They were all losing MILLIONS on their websites until they did a REALLY SMART thing. They started a PAYWALL on their site, and made visitors PAY to get premium content. The net result was MILLIONS of DOLLARS or PROFIT! But of course for your average marketer setting up a paywall like the new york times would be REALLY HARD... or would it?... Introducing PayMember 2 Review... the amazing software that allows ANYONE to deploy a paywall on their site and transform their profits from their website overnight! Get loads of data on all your customer transactions. Track chargebacks, refunds, customer location and much more. Track subscriptions, unsubscribes, failure to pay etc. Get data on all your customers actions each time they ACCESS your protected content. See how often customers download, see what location they download from, see when they access the page and more. Setup email alerts to monitor everything (e.g setup alerts to monitor multiple chargebacks, refunds or page access). Send AUTOMATED "drip fed" premium content to your members as often as you want. A massive amount of "DFY" premium content across all top niches that users can monetize their site with.

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