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Animate360 Review: Using the same "me-too" video creatives and free content found in free stock sites will hurt your conversions and annoy your audience. Injecting fresh new visual creatives into your videos and marketing campaigns can triple or even 10X your engagement, conversions and sales. Over 64% Of Consumers Make A Purchase After Watching A Video... FACT IS: You already know the power of Videos, Animated Characters, Graphical Memes, Hand Sketch Videos, 3D Characters and Object Videos etc and how it can help you captivate your audience, engage them and persuade them to take desired action.

The major reason is that Video Clips, Animated Elements, Audio Tracks, Stock Images and all Graphics Content Cost thousands of dollars when professionally created. In fact most mainstream businesses like Shutterstock and Envato have become multibillion dollar businesses just by selling visual creatives to users. You need regular and updated fresh new video creative and graphics to continually captivate, engage and convert your audience into buyers and lifetime customers. Animate360 Review

Look, we have been using Videos in our business and in our client’s business for well over 10 years now. In fact many top Video Creation Apps and Software, Plugins and Repositories have elements and characters that we designed. But why should this be of any concern to you? Well, simply because it means that on top of creating stunning Visual Creatives, we also know what type of creative is to be used where to get Maximum possible impact on the audience, persuading them subconsciously to go ahead and buy whatever it is that you are selling! Now imagine having access to Over 7 BILLION Video and Image creation assets under One Giant, ever-growing, Robust Cloud-Based Platform... In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Newbie or an Experienced One Person Company or even a Corporation… I don’t care how experienced you are or how long you’ve been around as an online marketer…...we all have one big thing in common.
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