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What is it: AffiliTube Site Builder is an All-In-One affiliate site builder. The software will automatically build a viral video site that is monetized with any affiliate program the user wants. There are no APIs required, no content creation needed and it is all automated.

Video is taking over the internet. It time you leverage it to start increasing your commissions! Why Create A Viral Video Affiliate Site? 80% of Global Internet Consumption is Video Content. Internet users want video!  So, it only makes sense to build your affiliate site around what they want and give them video. Users Spend 88% More Time On a Website With Video. The more time a users spends on your site...the higher the chance they click on an affiliate ad! 5 BILLION Videos Are Watched on YouTube Every Day! With the vast amount of videos on YouTube, you have an almost never ending supply of content for your affiliate site! This all sounds great, right? But HOW do you use all of this to your advantage? Simple. Let AffiliTube Site Builder Review Do It For You!

AffiliTube Creates Monetized Affiliate Sites In 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Enter A Topic To Build Your Site Around: Simply pick any topic that you would like build your site around.

Step 2: Choose Which Videos You Would Like To Add: Simply place a check next to the videos you would like added to your site.  You can choose as many as you would like.

Step 3: Let AffiliTube Do ALL the Work! With the click of a button AffiliTube will automatically add all of the selected videos to your site.  It will also automatically add the content, images and your affiliate ads!

With AffiliTube Site Builder you can build your own viral affiliate site in just minutes, generate commission from ANY affiliate program and have your site grow completely hands off. Get It Right Now.

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