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Kaptiwa 2.0 Review huges 2300$ bonuses

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Kaptiwa 2.0 Review: Do You have a Reliable Solution to Help you succeed? A solution that can play your videos with NO delays and annoying buffering, so your visitors don’t leave your page even before they start watching it. More importantly a solution that, don’t leave a big hole on your pocket by charging BIG monthly fee. I have been in same situation where you are now & there’re 3 places you want to avoid:
#1 Old school HTML players with Dropbox, Amazon other CDNs to host videos

Those players are designed just to play videos but not optimized the process to deliver it faster which is the NEED. Your videos load slowly, comes with delays & ruin user experience. Most of the users leave it before it starts playing & you lose traffic & business.

And yes, those CDN/Cloud services also charge BIG monthly fees for video hosting.

#2 Now option comes in mind: Why not YouTube… I know what you’re thinking – it’s free right? Yes. For a reason. It’s not designed to make you money. It’s designed to make YouTube money. Your Traffic LEAKS – You’re Basically Only Making Money for YouTube By Hosting Your Videos on There… YouTube is full of ads that not only puts your viewers off and massively lowers your engagement…BUT also, actively sends your traffic elsewhere –
It’s full of suggestions for related videos that guarantees your viewers will get distracted and go elsewhere! –Forgetting what they were watching something of yours in the first place. And with over 400 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every single minute…
It’s WAY too easy for your videos to get lost in the crowd. The Fact is - You Tube Is Not Meant for Marketing… Kaptiwa 2.0 Review
#Lastly, You Could Choose Any Expensive Service That Charges You Monthly.

Of Course, You Could Always Waste Money Paying for An Expensive Monthly Option…
BUT – Be warned - If you go with Vimeo or Wistia – not only do they charge a BIG fee monthly – And when I mean big, I mean you’re looking at paying $97 every single month.

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