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What is it: Kindle Sniper is a twelve hour long, five module video course is full of actionable content. It teaches Jonathan's proven system for Kindle bestseller domination.

So much blood, sweat and tears go into birthing a book. You put in so much effort but there's nothing worse than writing your magnum opus only to have it sit on a dusty shelf. Nobody writes a book hoping to sell ten copies. But unfortunately, despite the very best efforts of so many talented authors. The vast majority of writers live below the poverty line. The problem isn't the writers, it's the system they follow.

We see this starving artist figure so widely publicized that it's hard to imagine anything but struggling in your basement and surviving off ramen while waiting for your career to take off. And authors get an unfair representation.  People say there's no money in writing all the time. But times have changed.  No longer do we have to wait in line and pass through hundreds of gatekeepers just for the big publishing companies to take the lion's share of the profits. They can write and get to market fast now (or hire a ghostwriter, if you want).  They can control all the parts of our author business. And that includes making money. My friend Jonathan has cracked the kindle code. His book Serve No Master even hit #2 in ALL of Amazon (and beat Harry Potter!). Kindle Sniper Review

Even if you don't think the book itself will make money, think about the long term process and what can come out of your book. Speaking engagements, online courses, coaching, business partnerships, more clients… the possibilities are what you make it. A successful book can simply be the start of your journey. If you want someone to hold your hand and walk you through this entire process. This is your chance. Introducing Kindle Sniper.

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