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WP Story Machine Review: Short form content, visually appealing and just swipe a few times to reach the whole thing. This is very powerful as it caters to the low attention span audience + designed for mobile. This automatically adds a STORY button on your blog posts and pages to launch a story view of the content.

You can also MONETIZE the Stories by adding adverts, offers and any kind of promotions inside the stories automatically. In just 60 seconds it can turn any blog post or page into a STORY and make it more engaging. Watch this DEMO here to see how StoryMachine works. Create unlimited stories on your website without manual work. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat and other huge companies are doing this. This software adds the same power to your website without any huge cost. Just download this plugin and add to your site. It creates amazing stories from any content. Comes with a full story builder to customize your stories easily. Add offers and adverts to monetize your stories and make more sales or commissions. This is the power of WP Story Machine Review - download it now from here. BENEFITS of using Story Machine: Ranking higher in google with stories.

Drive more traffic to your site from ranking high on Google

Information overload is a huge problem - make short concise content

Grab attention easily with Stories.

Stories are better than plain old boring content. Stories SELL :)

Insert ads into stories & make money (sell or promote offers)

Grab the attention of Mobile generation of users

Increase web traffic and social engagement

Stand out from your competition - they don’t have stories, you do.

Google is going to roll out Story Maker soon for all sites, it is in private beta right now so you have the chance to start ahead.

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