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Synthesys Review huges 2300$ bonuses

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Synthesys Review: FE SYNTHESYS LITE - $47: Access to 8 professional English voice actors. Sound editor for podcasts and audiobooks. 10,000 credits included

FE SYNTHESYS COMMERCIAL - $67:Access to 8 professional English voice actors

Sound editor for podcasts and audiobooks. Commercial License Included (Work With Clients). 30,000 credits included. Special Bonuses. OTO 1: Synthesys Pro - $67: Feature #1: Extra 13 professional English voice actors: Extra (males/females) human sound voices that are built on real human voices. Each voice has its own personality. From deep voice perfect for instruction voice overs to storytelling or sales-ready to serve you 24h almost instantly. Feature #2: New voices when they are released: New voices will automatically be credited to users’ accounts every time they become available.

Feature #3: Multiple rendering threads for bigger scripts: This very helpful feature allows users to render more text at the same time instead put 500 characters per render. It helps for faster voice scripts in a very short time.

Feature #4: Pronunciation: Feature where users can set specific words to be pronounced in a specific way. Sometimes the AI needs some help predicting pronunciation. This feature helps break your words into syllables or add quotation masks so help to spell your word the way you want to sound. You help the software understand you better and start learning from you.

OTO 2: Synthesys Review DFY Boost Pack - $47. Feature #1: Pre-rendered audio voice-overs for all niches proven to convert: Ready Prerendered voice over scripts from 15 seconds to 1 minute to be used right away to the users. Feature #2: 100 text scripts that convert (All niches): DFY New scripts for commercial and explainer videos to use copy and paste or change right away for your business.

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