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Instant Local Authority Review: Local businesses desperately need you to help them survive the pandemic...But they will still want 'proof' of your abilities. If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to be taken seriously when you have no “track record” or online presence.

Here's the fix. When we stop thinking like a local marketer, and start thinking like a local business owner, great things happen. By improving HOW a local business owner sees us online, you start to get more confidence and trust from them, just by solving the core issue of credibility. And that’s EXACTLY what this 'Instant Authority' pack does.

If you’re new to local marketing, it can be pretty intimidating…And to make things worse, if you have no online presence proving that you understand local marketing....Then you are already at a massive disadvantage...With no track record or credibility, how do you get over the fear of rejection and get started? It seems like a catch 22…

All you need is just one client to get the ball rolling, to give you credibility...And yet no one is willing to take you on without a track record… it’s just not fair! Just imagine your excitement when a business owner contacts you…You can feel their enthusiasm, and you have a good feeling that this is going to be a great client who will send you big, fat monthly fees....Then they go and check out your Facebook Business Page …You quickly realize this will probably not end well…And then frustration and embarrassment set in as you know your Facebook Business Page sucks…. Or, worse still, you don’t even have one! Well that ends TODAY . Introducing... Instant Local Authority Review.

The FASTEST Way To Land Local Clients As A Newbie?

Just give them what they crave - PROOF that you are a credible, trustworthy person. Traditional methods of just emailing / phoning and telling them how great you are no longer works....because they’ve heard it all before.

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