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What is it: Local Dental Hero Is byfar the easiest  appointment booking cloud-based app designed specifically for dentists. Not only that. It’s so easy, you don’t need a tech wizard to use it. Any dentist can use it. No training needed.

No matter where you live in the world, I'm pretty sure you've heared about the current pandemic. And you're aware of the huge economic impact it did on almost every business. But one business in particular that got hit the worst is dentistry. Dentistry Is Facing It's Darkest Hour! Dental surgenos are at the highest risk of contracting covid-19. A threat like that is no joke. It lead to the closure of almost all dental clinics across the states and most of the world. With zero earninings. Hope of revival is minimal. The Only Way To Survive Such A Cruel Conditions Is To Cut Costs. According to newsarticle: By mid-April, 45% of dentists had laid off their ENTIRE staff. Think about that. They're in a desprate need to save time, That they're laying off their entire staff. This is insane. But What Does This Mean To You? I know you're wondering now.. Why should you care about this? And let me tell you now why you should MATH! Yup, Math. Local Dental Hero Review

Let me explain with a small example: Imagine if you have a solution That will save dentists $1,000's a month. And you only charged $497 one time fee for it. How many dentists will take you up on this offer. Yup, Everyone. Think about it. There's Got To Be A Better Way. Paying $24,000 every year in business climate like this is very hard. But at the same time, It's an essential app. Any dentist need it to operate. No matter what. Only if there is a better, cheaper solution that they can sell to them as an alternative. Something that will cost them fraction of that $24,000 a year fee. While giving them the SAME features.

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