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What is it: EasyRankr is cloud based software that uses unique zero competition method to find keywords that you can easy rank on first page of Google and Youtube in minutes.

Right now in the world is that everyone is stuck in this RANKING hell. What is this ranking hell? Very simple, everything became so competitive and saturated, that you either pay A LOT of money for SEO experts and I’m talking 4-5 figures minimum for a solid agency. High Traffic Keywords Are Dominated By Corps And Established Businesses. Hence why all the traffic is reserved to the rich and the corps, and you need to settle for the low traffic keywords NO ONE is searching for. Now On the other side, low traffic keywords are easy to rank for but they have no searches, which means NO traffic. In both cases, you are dead in the water and that is the new ranking hell. Easyrankr Review

No matter how many backlinks you’ll build, how much good and SEO optimized content you’ll write, how good your video or site is, if you go viral or not, if you have a good SEO strategy, or if you use live events. None of that matters when you have a bad keyword. Which means, feel free to apply all of these, but you’ll probably fail miserably. Golden keywords are the key to rankings. Your focus should swiftly change to be around keywords, and not the strategy to drive the rankings. SO if big keywords are bad.. And small keywords are bad. Where’s the money? Where’s the blue ocean? Well, It’s in something called “Hidden” keywords, or "MONEY" keywords if you like.

These are basically and simply put, secret keywords that require A LOT of manual research and hours of digging to find. What’s unique about these keywords is that they have tons of traffic, but very low to no competition at all. That’s because they’re so hidden. And, with their software, easily found. Introducing EasyRankr.

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